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One word substitutions

What are One Word Substitutions?

One word substitutions is a kind of reverse dictionary. Knowledge of One Word Substitutions helps the students not only in scoring well in exams but also achieving excellent proficiency in the English Language.

Often, Learners of English Language use vague words and long sentences. English is a rich language that has a large number of words. By substituting verbose sentences with precise words, one can convey one’s ideas more clearly. Moreover, knowledge of these words will also help the students and learners of the English language to enhance their writing and speaking skills.

Few Important Substitutions

Covered with decorationsOrnate
Something extra that someone receives in addition to regular payPerk
An uneducated personIlliterate
A shortened form of a word or phraseAbbreviation
Do away with whollyAbolish
Liable to be called to accountAccountable
A person who loves everybodyAlturist
A person representing a state in a foreign country.Ambassador
A person who can use both hands equally wellAmbidextrous
Which happens once a year.Annual
Which happens twice a year.Biannual
Which happens once in 2 yearsBi-ennial
Which happens once in 3 yearsTri-ennial
A word opposite in meaning to anotherAntonym
One who can’t pay the debts.Bankrupt
One who devotes a lot of time to reading and studying.Bookworm
To go down in valueDepriciate
Study of environmentEcology
One who goes to live in a foreign countryEmigrant
Destroy or get rid of something completely; root out evil or bad practiceEradicate
One who eats too muchGlutton
Study of EarthGeology
A medicine that kills germs,Disinfectant
Things of different natureHeterogeneous
Things of same nature.Homogeneous
What is got from ancestors or inheritanceHeritage
The point where the earth and sky seem to meet.Horizon
One who feels sympathetic towards human beingsHumanitarian
Extreme fear of water.Hydrophobia
One who pretends to be what he is notHypocrate
Incapable of being entered or penetrated.Impenitrable
That which cannot be noticedImperceptible
One who assumes the name or title of someone else for deceiving others.Imposter
Incapable of being burnt.In-combustable
That which cannot be believedIncrediable
Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed withIndispensible
Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burnedImflammable
Loss of sleepInsomnia
To intentionally become involved in a situationIntervene
That which cannot be conqueredInvincible
The area over which an official has controlJuridstiction
Science of coins or medalsNumismatics
A thing no longer in useObsolete
One who is present everywhereOmnipresent
One who Knows everythingOmnicient
An exact copyFacsimile
One who advocates women’s rights and equality with menFeminist
Child brought by persons, Who are not his parents.Foster Child
Anything that leads to deathFatal
To explain something mysterious or difficultElucidate
A person who is above hundred yearsCentenarian
Book published after the death of its authorPosthumous
Book written by an unknown authorAnonymous
Cinema show which is held in the afternoonMatinee
A citizen of the worldCosmopolite
A contagious disease which spreads over a huge areaEpidemic
A drug or other substance that induces sleepSoporific
A flesh eating animalCarnivorous
Game in which neither party winsDraw
Something that you say or do to show respect for someoneTribute
Government by a king or queenMonarchy
Government by oneAutocracy
Government by the fewOligarchy
Government by the NoblesAristocracy
Government by the officialsBureaucracy
Government by the peopleDemocracy
Government by the richPlutocracy
Grass eating animalHerbivorous
Handwriting that cannot be readIllegible
Land animal that breeds in waterAmphibian
Letter, poem etc. whose author is unknownAnonymous
Life history written by oneselfAutobiography
Life history written by somebody elseBiography
A list of booksCatalogue
Loss or damage that cannot be compensatedIrreparable
Man devoid of kind feeling and sympathyCallous
Man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religionFanatic
To replace SomethingSubstitution
Man who is easily irritatedIrritable
Medicine that kills germsGermicide
Medicine that prevents decomposingAntiseptic
Medicine to counteract the effect of another medicineAntidote
A member of the middle classBourgeois
A method that cannot be imitatedInimitable
A pardonable offenseVenial
A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between themArbitrator
Person who is difficult to pleaseFastidious
Person liable to be called to account for his actionAnswerable
Person supported by another and giving him/her nothing in returnParasite
Person who always thinks of himselfEgotist
Person who cannot read or writeIlliterate
Person who does not believe in the institution of marriageMisogamist
Person who hates womenMisogynist
Person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegalSmuggler
Person who knows everythingOmniscient
Person who loves every bodyAltruist
Person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her.Credulous
Person who remains unmoved and unaffected by other people’s opinions, suggestionsImpervious
Person who speaks two languagesBilingual
Person with an evil reputationNotorious
Person’s peculiar habitIdiosyncrasy
Place where orphans liveOrphanage
Place where weapons and ammunitions are storedArsenal
A position for which no salary is paidHonorary
A post held without receiving salaryHonorary
Strengh energy or determinationVigour
Sentence whose meaning is unclearAmbiguous
A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signaturePostscript
Shortened form of a word or phraseAbbreviation
Sound that cannot be heardInaudible
Speech delivered without any previous preparationExtempore
Sate of perfect balanceEquilibrium
Statement which cannot be understoodIncomprehensible
The Study of ancient thingsArchaeology
The Study of animalsZoology
The Study of birdsOrnithology
The study of derivation of wordsEtymology
The study of manAnthropology
The study of racesEthnology
Suddenstart or increase of a diseaseOutbreak
Things thai is done to findout secrets from enemiesEspionage
Title or brief ExplanationCaption
Food that a person or animal usually eatsDiet
Foolish talks or ideasGuff
The study of the bodyPhysiology
Supposed cure for all diseases or problemsPanacea
A thing no longer in useObsolete
Disease that spreads over whole worldPandemic
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyesInvisible
Thing that is fit to be eatenEdible
A word opposite in meaning to anotherAntonym
Absence of governmentAnarchy
An animal or a human being that eats any kind of foodOmnivorous
An animal who preys on other animalsPredator
An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concertAudience
An exact copyFacsimile
An office with high salary but no workSinecure
Anything that leads to deathFatal
Assembly or parliament in which no party has got clear majorityHung

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